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PLC High Speed Internet

Uses the latest techniques

Pure line brings you a lot of different types and speeds of broadband Internet service.provides ongoing, 24/7 support.

home internet service

Looks great on every device

Home Networking can securely connect laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices all from a single wifi connection.

PLC Cart

Best Selling Products

Get your business moving with our wide range of broadband and enterprise products.We are selling now

Certified company

world wide cerification

Become a Certified ISP Professional! that's authorized from IMOC and we are trying to make the best for our coustomers

Our skills

Developing the capacity to integrate computer (Internet) into the national economy (in order to ensure) intersectional links,
depends on skilled people and skilled people are the product of massive investment in education and training.


Network Services

The ability to have a stable network...allows us to take our focus off of this and really provide the value-added services to our customers that they really need

Internet services

Always Connected with the Speed You Need . Whether you're looking for simple Internet access or a fully-meshed, secure IP network to support all your applications.

Cloud Hosting

Increase Agility and Reduce IT Cost Move workloads to the cloud to quickly add compute resources and reduce hardware, license, and operational costs.

Voice Services

One Service Provider, One Point of Contact, One Bill. Imagine the convenience of dealing with just one company for all of your business phone service needs.

This is what our clients have to say about us

In 6 years we have grown very quickly, and we continue to succeed because we are a nimble organization that can rise to any challenge we may face.

"If we didn't move to cloud services, we would have been out of business during the hurricane."

Ziad alsammraie Developer at PLC

The service is excellent and quick to respond and I'm very very proud of the expertise in this site.

Ahmed Shaker Internet Provdier at Baghdad

Great site. Great customer service. Timely notifications and super fast respnding. Thank you .

Sarah Ayad Account Manager at Microsoft

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